Tree Removal

There are certain reasons that may necessitate the removal of a tree. It could be due to safety or aesthetic reasons. If a tree is dying or dead, it becomes a huge safety risk to your family, home, or business. A tree can also have a disease that makes it lose its natural beauty or become a potential hazard. This makes it necessary to remove the tree. During storms, trees are usually damaged, and if damaged to a certain extent, you may have them removed.

man with pants, long sleeve shirt and gloves leaning down with chainsaw and cutting through tree
Arborist up in tree wearing safety gear is cutting down tree using an orange chainsaw

If a tree is overgrown, it may become unsightly or create a landscape issue that prevents the surrounding plants and grass from growing due to too much shade. An apparent reason for removing a tree is when it’s touching your home or business’s roof, often invalidating the homeowner’s policy. You may also have to remove a tree if it has fallen due to strong winds or storms.

Tree removal is done for any valid reason, and it needs to be done safely and effectively. Moreover, it needs to be done by knowledgeable and experienced professionals due to the potential danger to nearby property or the experts performing the work. Hiring uninsured and unlicensed service companies will pose a risk to you and the company. In the event, an accident occurs and the individuals performing the work are not properly licensed and insured, your homeowners’ policy will have to cover the expenses. Ensure that the company produces proper documentation of insurance and licenses before agreeing to the work.

Removals can be done by hand or by boom trucks. Crane removals are safer than hand removals, and it also cuts down labor, making the job go faster. Hand removals are necessary for tight spaces and areas inaccessible by cranes.

Chesterfield Tree Care offers professional tree removal services on any type of tree. Contact us to get a quote and request copies of our insurance and license. Our technicians are skilled and experienced and will ensure the safety of your property.


Tree service worker cutting a conventional notch into a tree to cut it down
Tree service pro using chainsaw to cut section of felled tree