Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree pruning and trimming can have a significant impact on the beauty and health of a tree. If it’s not done right, it can make a tree look awful and even result in the tree’s premature death. Pruning helps to remove dead branches, reduce risks and improve the form of the tree. You can also trim trees to increase light and air penetration to the landscape below or the tree’s crown.

Tree service pro using loppers to cut a tree branch and prune tree
Arborist pruning a small tree branch with a hand saw

Most homeowners do not trim their trees resulting in potentially dangerous situations and poor aesthetics. Dead and diseased branches can fall down when least expected by homeowners and cause damages and serious injuries. Tree trimming can also help to reduce wind resistance and offer storm damage control in the long run.

Structural pruning is done when the tree is young and helps to ensure a healthy and strong crown. It also corrects weak angles of branch attachment and improves the chance of the tree surviving a storm. Maintenance pruning is usually done when a tree is too close to a building, drooping over parking lots, and has branches that are too low to walk under. It is typically performed after two to three years.

Pruning will give you ample roof clearance while retaining the natural beauty of the tree. This is achieved by pruning the tree back to the lateral of ample size. Proper pruning will restore the tree to its natural look and shape.

The perfect time to trim trees is during the winter, although you can do it in any season. The landscape is usually dormant during the winter, this eliminates the risk of damaging any nearby planting. Additionally, tree trimming is done in full view of the entire tree framework since the structure is exposed. You don’t have to wait until winter to trim your trees, you can perform it when deemed necessary to restore their symmetry, beauty, and health.

You can rely on our tree preservation services, whether you need your tree trimmed or pruned. Our team of experts will take great care of your trees, satisfaction guaranteed.


Tree service worker using pole saw to cut tree branch