Stump Grinding in Chesterfield Virginia

After removing a tree, the next step is usually stump removal or grinding. Tree stumps reduce the landscape’s aesthetic value, and that’s why they need to be removed or ground. Tree grinding is essentially making the stump disappear on the surface of the soil. You can also dig it from the ground and obliterate it from the root system.

Tree stump removal can cause damage to the surrounding area, and it’s generally performed in circumstances where roadway or foundation work will be done. Stump grind is the best choice for almost all residential purposes.

Felled tree and tree stump in a wooded area
Tree service professionals using stump grinder on tree stump in the middle of some grass


Stumps can decay and become dangerous as they can shelter rodents and insects such as termites, wasps, and ants. They are also tripping hazards and a massive obstacle for lawnmowers. The amount of wood underneath the surface is usually much more than you may imagine. After grinding the woody material, the grindings are then pushed into the hole created by the grinder in a service known as grinding and back-filling the stump.

Here at Chesterfield Tree Care, we use state-of-the-art stump removal equipment to grind any size of stump. We ensure your lawn regains its beauty even though the work itself is a bit messy. When done right and with proper precautions in place, the impact of stump grinding can be mitigated. Typically, the time to complete the project depends on the size of the stump. After grinding, the area is ready for planting another tree or replaced by grass. The grindings are hauled away, and the soil is amended to offer a fertile area to plant the grass.

We offer fast and affordable stump grinding services that will restore the aesthetic value of your landscape. Our stump grinders and brush chippers are the best in the business and guarantee to get the job done as fast as possible. Safety is our top priority for our workers, your property, and the landscape.


Green stump grinder chipping away at tree stump in light green grass