Tree Service in Chesterfield Virginia

Take Control Of The Trees on Your Property With Chesterfield Tree Care

If you appreciate a tree service company that values safety and affordability, you may want to look into Chesterfield Tree Care. In order to ensure high-quality service, all members of the team are licensed professionals with adequate training. The company serves the community every day by offering services that help customers save money and avoid accidents. Chesterfield Tree Care provides solutions to problems caused by natural disasters that lead to damaged or weak trees becoming a safety hazard. Your initial interaction with the company will involve a timely tree analysis to understand your situation. The tree care services give you a professional option to take advantage of so that you do not get hurt trying to handle a hazardous tree on your own. Not to mention, it is truly the cheapest tree service that still provides quality labor.



Tree care worker pruning tree branch with blue chainsaw
section of evergreen tree and branches


The services offered to you will not break your bank due to the fact that they were designed to be high quality yet affordable. With the service, you will be able to witness the magic of a true tree doctor. The company makes sure to stay up to date on the latest research to best help you with all of your tree-related concerns. Services offered through Chesterfield Tree Care include the following:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Stump Removal
  • Tree health
  • Tree planting
  • Emergency tree services


 Successful Tree Removal Services

It can be a challenging job to remove an entire tree by yourself with no experience. That is why Chesterfield is here to help you have access to experts ready to get to work. The company has the necessary tools to get rid of unwanted trees that pose a danger to your environment. It is dangerous to leave weak and unpredictable trees in place because they can fall and cause harm to you or your property at any point in time. They just aren’t stable enough to be left unattended.

Tools that Chesterfield use to ensure your safety include ropes, buckets, saws, and pulleys. All of these tools are used carefully and responsibly by arborists who have years of experience doing tree felling. Depending on where you are, the tree in question has to be done a certain way. For example, trees in suburban and urban areas can’t be felled from the ground due to the fact that they are surrounded by powerlines and houses. They must be broken down from top to bottom in order to ensure the safety of residents and city dwellers. It is almost as if the experts as Chesterfield are tree surgeons that know how to handle sick trees with patience.

Trimming Down Unhealthy Trees

Another service offered by Chesterfield Tree Care is tree trimming. This is usually necessary to decrease the area taken up by a tree’s branches when it grows larger than expected. It’s a great option to take advantage of when you don’t want to cut a tree down but want it to shrink down a bit to meet your needs. If a tree gets in the way of a power line, for example, it can simply be trimmed so that it doesn’t create a hazard. Chesterfield’s services are flexible like that and will work to safely remove any problematic tree branches that get in the way of the lines.

Another reason why you may want a tree trimmed is if it is growing at an angle and is obstructing the area around it. You never want a tree to grow inside of a fence or any other part of your property. As an alternative to trimming a tree, they can also be cabled in order to create some kind of reinforcement to prevent future damage. This helps the tree handle any tension and maintain its overall structure. You may need to have a tree cabled if it undergoes a lot of stress from heavy winds or violent storms.

Hazardous Stump Removal Services

If you have trouble working around a problematic tree stump on your property, you are in luck. Chesterfield has a solution that helps you remove troublesome stumps. Arborists at Chesterfield are trained on how to use a method that is efficient and safe for the environment. While most chemical methods to remove a tree stump is quite lengthy, this method is quick and gets rid of the stump right away. It is important that it is done properly to prevent pests from feeding off of a raw tree stump. Chesterfield successfully removes tree stumps via the old school digging method.

In that process, experts use pickaxes and shovels to break down the stump. It is a complicated process because you never know how deep the tree actually goes into the ground. Some trees have roots that burrow deep into the ground and will require more time to get to the bottom of them. That is why you should never do it on your own. It is highly advised that you pass on your burdens to the experts so that the job is completed as fast as possible. You don’t want to overwork yourself and later realize that the hole needs to be way deeper than you thought. It can get messy–especially if you try to burn the stump down the old fashioned way.

Promoting the Health of Trees

If you are dealing with a tree that is damaged and needs professional care, Chesterfield is the place to go. In order to understand the health of your tree, the company performs a full assessment to construct a plan. The plan will include steps on how to get your tree to a proper state of health to make sure that it grows properly. This service is a great option to support trees that need a lot of work done on them or just need a little fertilizer to promote growth. Other treatment options may involve the use of braces to create a stable foundation for the tree to grow or a procedure to get rid of a disease.

Planting New Trees

Chesterfield also offers services that help you grow trees on your property. There are options available to you so that you can successfully grow one tree or a group of trees. Professionals are here to help you make sure that your trees have an adequate amount of sunlight, water, and space to flourish. The trees that Chesterfield helps you plant are meant to last a lifetime because trees are meant to grow strong and stably.

Before you ever plant a tree, make sure you take into consideration the overall height and width of the tree. Also, keep in mind the structure of the tree’s roots to make sure it doesn’t invade your property. There is no point in growing a tree that is just going to be a problem later in time. Keep in mind that if your property has power lines you may have to trim the tree years later if it gets too tall.

Emergency Tree Services

The last service offered by Chesterfield Tree Care that is worth mentioning is the emergency tree service that helps property owners deal with the unpredictable effects of natural disasters. Sometimes insurance will cover a large fraction of Chesterfield’s emergency services so this is a great option to take advantage of if you are experiencing a crisis at your property.

Entrust Chesterfield Tree Care with Your Tree Concerns

Chesterfield is a place you can look to when you need the best tree services that are affordable and trustworthy. Your safety is at the top of the list when it comes to the values of the company. Chesterfield Tree Care makes a great effort to give customers the best experience when it comes to maintaining the health of trees in commercial and residential areas. You are a neighbor to the Chesterfield team and deserve the best tree cutting service out there. Give Chesterfield a call today to discover how you can get all of your tree-related concerns handled.